We all have watched cartoons in our childhood and still show them to our children. It is because the cartoons are made especially for the children and they match their mental level. Moreover, the children prefer cartoons over any other show because, in an animated show, they see what they imagine. But have you ever wondered what happens if your child watches what he should not? Yes, you will obviously not let him watch any adult content; but what if the animated shows and the cartoons start showing such contents? This is actually happening in Doraemon!

Doraemon is an animated Indian show that is on aired in the Pakistani channels as well. It will not be wrong if we say that this cartoon is actually making fun of our moral values. This is love story between Nobita and Shizuka that is shown to the fresh minds that have no idea about right and wrong. In the Doraemon, the male character, Nobita tries to impress Shizuka, the HEROINE. He does this by the help of different gadgets. So, are you trying to keep your child away from all those gadgets? Then this cartoon is making it impossible for you to keep your kid away from them. Some of the gadgets are imaginary ones and the child starts nagging the parents to get them. Following are some of the gadgets that are shown in Doraemon:

Furthermore, the critics may say that you can tell the child that these gadgets are just the imaginative ones and are not there in the real world. Yes, you can do it; but what will you do about the action of Nobita who first experiments a new gadget on his mother? To keep his girlfriend safe, Nobita feels that it is fine to harm his mother. Not only this, Nobita uses an inappropriate language with his mother and calls her “Ghamandi” (Proud). He even says to his mother “Maa! Tum abhitaknahisudhri” (Mom! You have still not become perfect). In our culture where we place our parents on the top, this is what Doraemon is teaching to our children.

Moving ahead, Nobita also says the double- meaning things, which our children must not listen, like “Shizuka! Tum aajraatghar par akeli ho gina? Mai ajao ta k tumhaydarrnalagay?” (Shizuka! Will you be alone at home tonight? May I come so that you won`t feel frightened?). he also thinks about Shizuka that is shown through the indecent scenes.

Now that we all know about this cartoon, we cannot let it ruin the innocent minds of our children who have to become our proud in the future. Being a regulatory authority, it is the duty of PEMRA to put a ban on this show and the other similar shows as well. in addition, the private channels and the Government of Pakistan must produce something better, positive, and informative for the children.